Scientists Try To Make Non-Alcoholic Beer Taste Better

Let’s face it, non-alcoholic beer will never be beer. And for teetotalers, that’s a bummer. Scientists at Spain’s University of Valladolid though, may have come up with a way to bridge the gap, according to Modern Farmer.

First, a bit of backstory. To craft non-alcoholic beer, the alcohol from full ABV-content beer must be removed, generally by adding heat. This process, as anyone who has had a warm beer can surmise, destroys the delicate flavors that define a delicious brew.

But what if those delicate flavors could be reinserted? Spanish researchers have tried just that, using extracts of aromatic compounds found in full flavor beer to punch up the NA variety. The results have been promising, with over 80 percent of subjects preferring extract-supplemented non-alcoholic beers to the original NA formulas.

Whether it’s preferred to regular beer, well, we all know how that study would turn out. [Modern Farmer] [Photo: Flickr/Jitze Couperus]