See a Sex on the Beach Under a Microscope

Just when you thought your booze knowledge couldn’t get any sharper, BevShots goes and sticks the stuff under a microscope. The company uses microscopic lenses to capture the crystalline structures of beverages ranging from whiskey to Tequila Sunrises, then transfers the colorful, abstract-looking images to clothing, prints, and bar accessories. In an interview with Mashable, BevShots owner Lester Hutt describes the results as, “really fun, modern art pictures.” Of course a Gin & Tonic is fundamentally different from a White Russian, but who knew the extent of their individuality? Extreme close-ups reveal that margaritas have a strong resemblance to peacock plumage, while American Amber Ale looks bears some likeness to an early de Kooning. If you’re still hunting for gifts, the lush-prone geek in your life would probably be delighted by one of these molecular cocktail knickknacks. [Mashable]