Small-Town Wisconsin Liqueurs Hit the Big Time

New spirits from Wisconsin’s Death Door Spirits are making waves across the country, according to the New York Times.

Death Door Spirits, a craft distillery renowned for its gin, vodka and un-aged whiskey, has introduced two “decidedly Wisconsin spirits” recently: an artisanal peppermint schnapps called Wondermint and rum-based cream liqueur called Kringle Cream. “Both are proudly provincial and, frankly, a tad downmarket,” writes Robert Simonson. Kringle Cream has been especially successful, selling 11,000 cases throughout the Midwest in just a few months. 

Brian Ellison, the founder of Death’s Door, brought Wondermint and Kringle Cream to Brian Bartels, a fellow Wisconsin native and the bar director of the Little Wisco, a restaurant group that owns both Fedora and Perla in downtown Manhattan. Fedora serves a cocktail called the Root Beer Butterfest Float with Kringle Cream, pairing the liqueur with Root liqueur, club soda and a Wisconsin-style Rice Krispie treats—inspired by Mr. Bartel’s mom. [New York Times] [Photo: Flickr/John Haslam]