Someone Gave William Shatner a Wine Show

Watch out. William Shatner has a wine show. In the charmingly titled “Brown Bag Wine Tasting,” Shatner invites guests to chat and blind taste wines from a brown paper bag. 

In an extremely odd first episode, Food Network star Alton Brown makes biscuits and gravy for Shatner, who repeatedly asks Brown about his dead father. Then the pair jumps suddenly into a semi-philosophical debate on the usage of the word “chef” and the joy of cooking. 

After struggling to pour a couple glasses of sparkling wine, Shatner offers Brown confusing tasting guidelines. “I want you to taste the wine and I want you to describe it in cooking terms ,” says Shatner as his eyes sparkle with childlike delight. “I don’t want to hear vanilla and tobacco and overtones, I want to hear chef things.”

Chef things? Brown looks just as confused as the rest of us.

All evidence leads one to believe that Captain Kirk doesn’t really know what he is doing. Oh lord, bless his heart. Go watch the full episode here. []