South African Turns Binge Drinking Game into a Platform for a Cause

The Independent reports on an inspiring story about a South African man, Brent Lindque, who used his Neknomination as a platform for raising social awareness. For those still blissfully ignorant about the disturbing trend, Neknominate is an internet drinking game in which people record themselves chugging huge amounts of alcohol in an outrageous fashion (for example, being held upside down over a toilet filled with beer) and then “nominate” another person to outdrink him or her posting a video of the act within 24 hours. When Lindeque’s turn arrived, he decided to blast a captive audience with quick facts about poverty in South Africa. Alcohol does not make an appearance in the video, but a homeless man who happily accepts Lindeque’s offer of food and soda does. Apparently people are feeling this guy’s positive energy as the video has had almost 200,000 views. [The Independent]

A South African NekNomination via Brent Lindeque