South Carolina Church Adds Beer to its Services

beer glass

At Epiphany Lutheran Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina, congregants are worshiping on Sunday nights with a beer in hand reports The State. The church’s pastor, Rev. Jeff Lingle says the quarterly event, Beer & Hymns, is a good way to attract diversity into church life.

With Lingle acting as bartender, a makeshift bar filled with domestic and craft options is assembled next to the piano used to lead worshipers in song. The event has grown in popularity, attracting a number of regulars and even members of other denominations, including Methodists and Presbyterians.

A more relaxed way for church-goers to show their faith, the addition of food has turned Beer & Hymns into a family affair. Rev. Lingle makes a strong argument: “Celebration and playfulness is a part of Christianity, and we don’t play enough in church.” Cheers to that, Reverend. [The State][Photo: Flickr/Adrian Pike]