Daily News: Starbucks Debuts Alcoholic Frappucinos, Teaching Wine in Public Schools


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Wine Fraggino—the unfortunate name Starbucks has assigned to its new alcoholic Frappuccino—will make its debut on menus across Japan.

– Nicolas Krafft, collector of Champagne sabers, describes the history and time-honored technique of decapitating a bottle of bubbly with a blade.

Determined vintners are braving the rocky terrain of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, and producing award-winning vintages in Canada’s burgeoning wine region.

– The Royal Australian College of Physicians is pushing for higher taxes on boxed wine, citing a correlation between price and alcohol abuse.

Brooklyn magazine offers a glimpse inside the home of bartending power couple Natasha David and Jeremy Oertel.

Emily Timberlake shares an average week-in-the-life as a senior editor at Ten Speed Press.

– Finally, a senator from Puglia introduces a bill that would make wine history and culture a required subject in Italian public schools.

[Photo: Flickr/HermanCheah]