Summer Camp Now for Adults, Cocktails Included

What do you get when you put three super-cool chicks together, add a bit of nostalgia, fried chicken and a few beers? The brilliant idea for adult summer camp, craft beer and cocktails included. Food & Wine reports on Wild Yonder, a “a roving summer camp offering inspired retreats fueled by fresh air.”

Co-founder and food writer Kaitlyn Goalen talks on WY’s second installment, which includes a “Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Workshop” and a cocktail hour hosted by North Carolina chef Ashley Christensen and James Goodnight Jr.  Goalen says she and longtime friends Meredith Pittman and Heather Cook, “ were motivated to make it a reality by all that’s going on in the Triangle Region,” including the recent boom of breweries, restaurants and bars fueled by an influx of entrepreneurially-minded, young creatives. 

S’mores conclude the evening, but not before fresh-churned ice cream (made between playing kickball and learning to build a camp stove out of a beer can) is dropped into coffee and bourbon cocktails. Because that’s what you do at adult summer camp. [Food & Wine] [Image: Wild Yonder & DL Anderson]