Taylor Swift & Ina Garten Drink Whiskey Sours Together

In fulfillment of a lifelong PUNCH editors’ dream, Ina Garten and Taylor Swift recently drank Whiskey Sours together at Garten’s home in the Hamptons. In a new article series, Food Network Magazine has begun to pair their food personalities with musicians, and Garten invited Swift over for a lunch, cooking lesson and a photo shoot. 

While bonding over “their mutual frustration with people who don’t like to eat,” the two started talking about the Whiskey Sour. Swift had never had a one before; luckily Garten had some stocked in the fridge (because she’s fabulous). “We’re day-drinking!” says Swift. The pair then dove into Pavlova with a big spoon.

Other pairings between a Food Network star and musician have included Michael Symon and Sammy Hagar from Van Halen. Apparently Hagar makes a mean Margarita. [Food Network Magazine]