Tequila Avión Launches the World’s Most Expensive Tasting Flight

tequila avion

In yet another sign of the troubling luxurification of tequila, Tequila Avión will now be offering the most extravagant tequila tasting flight yet, reports the Daily Mail. For a hefty sum of $500,000, ten guests can try the brand’s products while flying over Mexico in a Gulfstream private jet.

In addition to the flight, guests will also take a private tour of the company distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, led by the company’s founder Ken Austin himself, followed by dinner at the home of master distiller Alejandro Lopez. The meal will be prepared by chef Josh Capon of New York City’s El Toro Blanco.

To top things off, guests will get to age their own private small batch of añejo tequila for at least two years and bring home bottles of never-released tequila from Austin’s personal collection. [Daily Mail] [Photo: Flickr.com/floridadine]