The 134 Year-Old White Horse Tavern Remains a No-Nonsense Classic

In a city so saturated with the newest and the latest, it’s tough to remain in the roster of classic establishments, especially in the realm of watering holes. As Robert Simonson elegantly relates in Edible Manhattan, the White Horse Tavern is one such place. It’s the kind of Greenwich Village bar that during the day, “is the domain of old-timers and the sort of slightly careworn types you’d think had been driven out long ago by rising rents.” Each evening the 134 year-old bar continues to see all means of humanity pass through its legendary walls from literary figures like Dylan Thomas and Jane Jacobs to downtown bankers and couples on first dates. In a city full of competitive, Type-A scrambling, the White Horse is “an island of proletariat, no-nonsense.” Should you happen by, we recommend having cash at the ready and knowing well ahead of ordering what you’re drinking. The old-timer bartenders are equally (and charmingly) no-nonsense. [Edible Manhattan]