The 15 Stereotypes You’ll Meet at a Cleveland Cocktail Bar

Slowly, but surely, the craft cocktail diaspora is creeping toward the middle of the country. It seems Cleveland’s scene is developed enough to have gained its own ironically self-conscious drinking set, which the Cleveland Scene breaks down into a 15-person glossary. No matter the city or its evolutionary status, there will always be the “Can You Make That With Vodka?” Lady and the “Do You Know Who I Am? Guy, as noted with particular disdain on this list. On the other hand, with more complex drinks and a greater number of cocktail bars, newer species of drinkers emerge, including the Bar Glass Kleptomaniac Gal who has the potential to make off with a purse full of copper Moscow Mule mugs, or the 1890s Anachronism Bartender Guy who insists on wearing shirt garters and suspenders, no theme party necessary. [Cleveland Scene]