The Best Gin for a Negroni? Try Navy Strength.

The average drinker will consume 7,986 Negronis over a lifetime. Okay, that’s not totally true, but probably a safe estimate for the average PUNCH editor. Of all the classics, the Negroni’s formula is one of the easiest to commit to memory: 1 part gin, 1 part Campari and 1 part sweet vermouth. And if you drink as many Negronis as we do, you want those two wild card ingredients to be the best. Personally, we’re into Carpano Antica or Cocchi di Torino for the sweet vermouth variable. They add an extra layer of rich, herbal warmth, plus they’re both delicious on their own, over ice and/or with an orange twist.

As far as the gin, Serious Drinks just did the legwork for us. In a blind taste test, Michael Dietsch pits a London dry (Tanqueray) against a Navy Strength (Perry’s Tot of New York Distilling Company) and a more mild, floral gin (Hendrick’s). In the end, Hendrick’s was too mild, Tanqueray was just fine and Perry’s Tot took the cake having “the muscle to grapple with the Campari and the power to carry its flavors through to the drink.”  Strong-arm away Navy Strength. [Serious Drinks]