The California Glove Requirement Law Heads for Repeal

Last month, a California law was passed that would require all bartenders to slap on a latex glove as part of their mise en place. This, predictably, stirred up a grip of outrage about everything from environmental impact to the practical issue of trying to grip metal shaking tins with wet gloves.

The impending law sparked a number of petitions and Eater SF reports that, as a result, “emergency legislation has been introduced to remove the glove-wearing requirement from the law, and it’s likely to be repealed.” The repeal effort was led by bartender Josh Miller and Iso Rabins of ForageSF in conjunction with California Assemblyman Richard Pan. It’s set to be decided on in the next few months and if all goes well the law new law will overturn the requirement before it is set to go into effect on June 1. [Eater SF] [Image: Flickr/chez_sugi]