The Charming Idiosyncrasies of Chenin Blanc from Savennières

Over the last several decades, what drove the style of many wines was a quest for immediacy. The public wanted wines that would blow them away (nearly literally) on first sip. If not, next. But often the best wines are those that ask a little bit more of us.

Over at the New York Times, Eric Asimov pens a tiny love letter to Savennières, the Loire Valley appellation famous for producing intense and concentrated dry chenin blanc that is not always immediately accessible, if not polarizing. Sometimes, as Asimov points out, you don’t want a wine to ask you any questions—you just want to drink it. Slam it even. And that’s OK. But for those patient enough to wade into its idiosyncrasies, Savennières is one of the most rewarding regions to drink from. Head over for more, including some specific recommendations. [New York Times]