The Future Is Now: The Keurig for Cocktails

These days not only can you find drink-making robots that compete against one another, you can find drink-making robots that will sit in your kitchen and create craft cocktails in only five seconds. According to Tech Times, Somabar is the latest cocktail gadget making a splash, which many are calling the “Keurig for cocktails.”

The Somabar is being marketed as the convenient answer to the pesky little problem of having to actually make cocktails. Co-creator of Somabar, Dylan Purcell-Lowe, addresses the product’s solution in a Kickstarter video: “Enjoying a craft cocktail is something that is easy to do. But making one is a pain, and requires time and preparation.” God forbid any of us have to pick up a cocktail shaker.

In Jetsons-like style, Somabar is wifi enabled and requires users to download an app from which they select which cocktail they want the machine to make. Users prep the machine by filling the removable side containers—which they call “pods”—with alcohol, juice,  mixers or bitters. Based on the ingredients you’ve prepared in the pods, you can choose from a list of 300 cocktails in the app, or customize your own drinks. [Tech Times][Photo: Flickr/Adrian Scottow]