The German Riesling Renaissance Continues Apace

mosel wine region germany

In her most recent column in The Daily BeastJordan Salcito reports on her recent trip to the Mosel region of northwest Germany, “arguably the most storied, least-understood wine region in the world.” Once seen on par with Champagne and Bordeaux in the 19th century, the Mosel, where riesling grapes grow on steep hillsides, took several devastating blows in the last century, from insect infestation to abandonment during World War I and II. But the last decade has seen a steady restoration of the region to its former glory, making wines that, “represent the classic, dry varieties of historical Mosel” and preserving century-old vines. Salcito champions recent examples from the area that, “offer a rare insight into not only the riesling that dazzled those 19th-century connoisseurs, but also a rare glimpse into how vines grew and interacted before globalization, mechanization, and greed impacted the wine trade.” Check out her picks. [The Daily Beast] [Image: Flickr/Megan Mallen]