The Newest Belgian Beer Is Brewed Just for Dogs

If you’ve ever wanted to share a beer with man’s best friend (and you live in the UK), then it’s your lucky day. Pup-centric beer brand Snuffle will soon be hitting shelves at pet stores across the UK. Alcohol-free and available in two distinct flavors (beef and chicken, of course), the new beverage claims to be not just delicious, but downright healthful for your dog.

According to the Telegraph, Snuffle will ensure that your canine is drinking the recommended amount of water each day with the added benefit of nutritional supplements. Though it’s made with the same equipment as your favorite Belgian lager, Snuffle replaces alcohol and carbonation with Vitamin B, essential oils and minerals, so Fido won’t be getting a beer buzz.

May tipsy puppy YouTube hilarity ensue. [The Telegraph] [Photo: Facebook/Snuffle Dog Beer]