The Time Trader Vic Shamelessly Plugged Sunkist

It’s a little known fact that Victor Bergeron or “Trader Vic” as he was known in the tiki world, had one leg. (His other leg was amputated at the age of six to avoid the spread of tuberculosis.) It’s also little known that he was a lifetime member of Sunkist’s Loyal Order of Citrus Limona, as documented in an ad from a 1960 issue of Gourmet. The gang over at The Way We Ate dug up this incredible Sunkist lemon ad in which old Trader Vic shamelessly plugs the citrus brand saying, “Only the fresh Sunkist Lemon lifts, blends and brightens with such a subtle, piquant flavor.” For his distinguished support, the company awarded him Loyal Order status and a gold Flavor Flav-sized medallion to commemorate the honor. [The Way We Ate]