The World Cup As Excuse to Drink Cachaça

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is kicking off in Brazil tomorrow and the folks at have a handy guide to making cocktails with cachaça—a rum-like Brazilian spirit distilled from sugarcane—in homage to the host nation. 

While most of us are familiar with the Caipirinha, a traditional simple concoction of lime, sugar and cachaça, the spirit is a relatively unexplored territory. The list of recipes features everything from the Iz Bananaz (cachaça, Amaro Montenegro and Giffard Banana du Brésil Liqueur) to the Samba Breeze (orange juice, cranberry juice and cachaça). You can even freeze the spirit guava puree, rose syrup and lime to make the Guava Rose, “a floral, fruity impossibly refreshing adult slushie.” [] [Photo: Flickr/Ulrich Peters]