There Is Money to Be Made in Kegged Wine

Wine-on-tap has been gaining traction across the country. Some of the juice is good, but not all of it. Free Flow Wines, a new wine-kegging business, is trying to change that. Forbes reports on the company and its model which is based on partnering “with distributors in nearly every state to ship 6,000 kegs a month to the likes of the Ritz Carlton on one end and P.F. Chang’s on the other.”

Free Flow doesn’t actually make the stuff, but it does obtain the wine from vineyards all over the world and is headed by two partners—Dan Donahoe and Jordan Kivelstadt—with deep ties in the food and beverage world. Though they are not yet profitable, they’ve raised $20 million in order to get started and, when California Pizza Kitchen called, they even had a state law changed that prohibited wine from being served in large containers so the chain could sign on with Free Flow’s system. Nothing can stop wine evangelists on a mission. [Forbes]