There’s Yogurt in this Cocktail

Food 52’s Executive Editor Kristen Miglore explores using Greek yogurt in a cocktail with a little help from Pouring Ribbons’ Joaquín Simó. The unorthodox ingredient is a “lazy, arguably healthy, and — most importantly — delicious way to get frothy and creamy cocktails, without making them heavy.”

Miglore first encountered Símo’s Greek yogurt cocktail at Lucky Peach‘s James Beard Awards after-party at Má Pêche. She found that the drink, titled the Pearls Before Swine, was inspired by a New Orleans classic, the Ramos Gin Fizz. “It’s like drinking a boozy meringue,” says Símo.

To make the cocktail, throw gin, lemon juice, orgeat, lemon curd, rose water and Greek yogurt together in a blender with some ice. Find the full recipe here. Surely, we’ll see more cocktails made with tangy Greek yogurt popping up on menus soon. [Food 52] [Photo: Flickr/Liz Mc]