This Is What Your Boozy Relatives Want for Christmas

‘Tis the season to let the experts advise you in the art of gift giving. If you’ve been scouring gift guides and coming up short on ideas for the “booze aesthete in your life,” Grub Street’s gift list has you covered, and it’s way better than the usual Kahlua-for-grandma standby.  The Holiday Gift Finder 2013: Top-Shelf-Worthy Booze (and a Few Mixers) swills its way through ten (mostly new) suggestions including Chicago’s weird wormwood liqueur, Malört (“the stuff makes your lips curl, eyes squint, and cheeks seize for a few glorious seconds”) and Lock, Stock & Barrel, a newcomer “Rye That’s Worthy of Pappy-Like Devotion.” We’re skeptical, but we’ll let the lucky recipient be the judge of that. [Grub Street]