This Man Wants You To Drink Indian Wine

vineyards of sula

After a stint in Silicon Valley, Rajeev Samant changed his path and decided to introduce the world to Indian wine. Accoring to CNN, Samant’s Sula Vineyards is India’s top wine producer, dominating 65 percent of the country’s wine market. More importantly, Sula Vineyards is starting to catch the eye of wine lovers across the globe.

India is not the first place that comes to mind when considering wine making regions, but the country has a long history of wine production, the knowledge for which was largely forgotten when phylloxera killed the majority of vineyards in the 19th century.

So Samant needed help. When he first started making wine, he had one simple goal: to produce a wine that was merely drinkable and somewhat pleasant, nothing fancy. But after some traning from California winemaker Kerry Damskey, Samant realized his wines had potential. In the beginning, he sold 40,000 bottles in a year, a number that has since jumped to nearly ten million bottles.  [CNN][Photo: Flickr/Elroy Serrano]