This Robot Can Distinguish Between Different Lagers with 100 Percent Accuracy

A robotic beer sommelier may be the new future of beer, as scientists have developed a robot that can tell the minute differences between different beers with 100 percent accuracy, reports ModernFarmer. Beer-tasting devices are nothing new, but what sets this device apart is the fact that it can taste the difference between beers that are part of the same family, having been able to distinguish between different varieties of lager.

The robot’s “tongue” works by concentrating on the alcohol content and color of the beer, as those two factors are informative of the beer’s flavor and preparation method.

This new beer taster has potential uses for macro-brewers, as they need to ensure that there are no differences in taste between batches of beer. While human tasters currently do this job, an electronic beer taster could expedite and eliminate human error from the process. Bye humans! [ModernFarmer] [Photo:]