Tiki Mugs Are Bars’ Most Stolen Items

Unsurprising, moderately to greatly inebriated people often submit to illicit behavior. Including theft. In a recent survey of Boston barkeeps, Eater exposes the oddest items pilfered from bars, and the results are just that—resoundingly odd.

When it comes to glassware, novelty items are the most often nabbed. Tiki mugs and shiny, copper Moscow mule tins top the list, with more than half of bartenders surveyed noting their consistent disappearance. One bartender observed a piece of vintage glassware—used serve sherry, amaro and sipping rums—gone missing only moments after a customer mentioned its beauty directly to the server. No one ever said subtlety was a requisite for theft.

Glassware isn’t the only thing bartenders have seen vanish. In fact, some of the best anecdotes involve establishments’ disappeared furniture and art. One heist of note: “Once at The Hawthorne someone tried to steal the art from above the men’s room urinals,” one witness mentions. That’s liquid courage at work. [Eater] [Photo: Flickr/Tristan Schmurr]