TipsForJesus Leaves a $10,000 Tip on a Bar Tab

Eater documents the anonymous patron who has been leaving outrageously fat tips on checks around the country with the handle @TipsForJesus in the signature line. $500 on a $24 tab at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Los Angeles, $5000 at the Paris Club in Chicago and $10,000 on a $3000 bar tab of Patron, Macallan and Ketel One—all signed @tipsforjesus. It’s unclear whether TFJ is a team of people or a lone, roving big spender, though a pack of several seems most likely considering “they recently switched to a TipsForJesus stamp for the receipts,” and “the username was scrawled in more than one handwriting.” TipsForJesus has us considering getting back into the service game. [Eater]

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