Tosca Team to Turn Old SF Strip Club into Cocktail Bar

The Lusty Lady, a former strip-club in San Francisco’s North Beach, will be transformed into a bar in 2014 by April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, the crew behind the “celebrated renaissance” of Tosca Café around the corner. The team hopes to pay homage to the “wonderful seediness” of the worker-owned peep show, riffing on both dive bar and private booth vibes. Architect Seth Boor (whose past projects include The Mill and the biergarten at Southern Pacific Brewing Co.) will oversee the build out, and although the renovation hasn’t started yet, There’s talk of including an insert-a-dollar partition that will slide up to reveal (perhaps disappointingly, depending on your mood) a bartender rather than a stripper.” Bloomfield and Friedman have not yet decided on a name for the place but hope to find inspiration in North Beach’s long-gone venues. [] [Photo: Flickr/JesseVarner via]