UK Community Coverts Local Pub into a Church

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Parishioners in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafforshire have converted their local bar, The West End pub, into a shiny, new Methodist church. According to the Express, the dilapidated, asbestos-ridden watering hole’s bar was replaced with a community café, an altar, vestry and quiet room. When attendance at two other local churches began to dwindle, community members rallied to raise the funds to buy and fix up the space.

Happily enough, The West End Pub’s former regulars don’t plan to leave anytime soon. As former patron John O’Connor puts it, “It’s still just as friendly—just not with as much swearing… They’ve just replaced pints of beer with communion wine really, it’s still a great place to be.”

The church’s reverend, Nichola Jones, maintains that it’s the people who make a church, not the building. But if these walls could talk, they’d most certainly have a few good drinking stories to tell. [Express][Photo: Flickr/lafalda ]