Watch a Runner Break the Women’s Beer Mile Record

Track Mile

The record for the women’s Beer Mile was broken—nay, shattered—by Chris Kimbrough (you may have seen her qualifying for the women’s Olympic marathon in 2008) recently.  NPR‘s “Morning Edition” reports that Kimbrough, who is turning 45 next week, completed the mile and the requisite four beers in 6:28.6 beating out former record holder Seanna Robison by 13 seconds. The mother of six speculates that it might have been faster if she hadn’t run 11 miles earlier that morning.

The Beer Mile must be run on a track with a beer drunk at the beginning of every lap. Kimbourgh’s beer of choice was Alteration Ale by Hops and Grain, kept at “garage temperature.” Kimbrough will be going on to compete in the Beer Mile Championships. [NPR] [Image: Flickr/BobMicals]