What Do Your Drinking Habits Say About Your Politics?

Many would agree that discussing politics in a social setting is a faux pas. But if you find yourself wondering how your conversation companions’ political views swing, you may only have to peer into the glass they’re holding. A two-year study by National Media Research, Planning & Placement collected 50,000 surveys that determined the drinking preferences of right and left wing voters as reported by Wine-Searcher. The survey revealed that Republicans are open fans of Robert Mondavi wines while Democrats prefer Smoking Loon. Interestingly, it also uncovered that both companies have donated to the opposite party of their drinkers’ preference. Overall, Democrats drink more champagne and sparkling when than their counterparts. On the spirits front Republicans drink more whiskey, specifically bourbon, while Dems go for vodka and gin. One representative of National Media draws conclusions demographically, “Bourbon is popular with Republicans because it’s a drink from the South. Vodka is more urban, and city dwellers tend to be Democrats.” Rum was the only thing that reached across the aisle with Bacardi and Captain Morgan sitting comfortably in the middle of the two parties. Perhaps Congress should set up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy bar on Capitol Hill. [Wine-Searcher]