What to Drink with Your Kale Salad

Wine pairings often center around protein, which leaves one wondering  what to enjoy with salad. The simple answer is acid. Serious Eats compiles a list of sommelier suggestions, with the general agreement that acid loves acid. While one might try to balance greens tossed in vinaigrette with something rounder, overall, sommeliers recommend a wine that equals the sharpness and weight of the food. But tartness isn’t everything; North End Grill sommelier Mia Van De Water says, “don’t be afraid of a little residual sugar if there are sweeter elements in the salad.” She recommends, “a classic Waldorf salad with François Cazin Cour-Cheverny Cuvée Renaissance (or a good Vouvray Sec or Demi-Sec from a producer like Domaine Huet, Philippe Foreau, or François Chidaine).” Another mouthwatering idea comes from Jackson Rohrbaugh of Aragona: “Commanderie de Peyrassol rosé and spinach salad with olives, egg and a dijon vinaigrette.” Here’s to another reason to keep eating kale.  [Serious Eats] [Photo: Flickr/star5112]