When People Who Drink Get Old, They Forget Stuff

What happens when you drink a lot? You forget things. And now there is a study to prove it. (Just in case you forget.) According to The Guardian, the University College of London just released findings from a ten-year study providing evidence that men who drink significantly are more likely to suffer from memory loss over the course of time. 5,000 men and 2,000 women from the ages of 45 to 69 were observed and tested three times over the course of ten years to determine memory retention and capacity. Though not enough women were observed for conclusive sex-related results, the evidence did show that men who “who drank more than 36g of alcohol a day, which is about four and a half units – began to suffer memory failures and deterioration in their cognitive processes between 18 months and six years earlier than those who drank less.” Those who drank lightly or moderately did not show any signs of memory loss, which creates a great argument for focus upon quality drinking as opposed to quantity drinking. [The Guardian]