Why Are Fancy Cocktails SO Expensive?

Have you ever been to a happy hour at a 12-seat fancy cocktail bar? Chances are, no, you have not. Those drinks cost anywhere from $12 to $18 and it’s for a reason. Jim Meehan, bartender and proprietor of PDT in New York City, explains to Food & Wine just what goes into that steep price tag. From $50 menus that magically disappear (into guests’ purses) to high-end block ice for Gin and Tonics, Meehan explains why his cocktails cost what they do. Running a business in New York City is expensive, especially when constantly replacing glassware, paying monthly rent and using the best booze possible. He admits that other businesses may be cutting corners and making more money than necessary on drinks, but assures that his prices are justified. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go. As he says, “It’s not meant to be Cheers.” [Food & Wine]