Why Guinness Is Good for You (Sort of)

Those old ads declaring, “Guinness Is Good for You” (from an official 1928 Guinness ad campaign) may have been on to something. According to Details, some experts say that Guinness might actually be healthy, or—at the very least—not the worst option at the bar.

Mirella Amato, author of Beerology: Everything you Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More, sets the record straight explaining that somehow beer has developed a reputation for being particularly unhealthy, when, in reality, beers generally contain “a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, a full complement of B vitamins, and probiotic qualities.”

In the case of Guinness, which contains only 4 percent ABV per 12 ounce serving—far less than many other brews, including light beers— it’s a surprising low-calorie option even though its heavy texture may make it feel like a “meal in a glass.” It’s really only “.2 percent away from being a light beer,” says Amato. It does, however, have double the amount of carbs of Amstel Light or Corona light, but still fewer than a PBR or Sam Adams Lager.

Furthermore, studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison concluded that a glass of Guinness, with its great number of flavonoids, could mimic the effects of a low-dose of aspirin. Look at it like its very own built-in hangover preventative. [Details][Photo: Flickr/David Dennis]