Wine Critics Banned from Tasting Domaine Huet Vouvray

In a blog post on Wine Doctor, Chris Kissack explains why he won’t be sharing his usual Domaine Huet tasting report after this year’s Salon des Vins de Loire. The wine critic writes that the Huet team did not appreciate his unfavorable review of the 2012 vintage, and that they pulled him aside at the wine fair this year to grill him on his judgments and his knowledge of the house.

Finally, they informed him that he was not permitted to taste the 2013 vintage. Kissack, who has written enthusiastically about and collected Domaine Huet since the 1990s, describes the meeting as a “dressing-down.” Other wine critics, including Jim Budd who commented on the post, experienced similar treatment at the event. Huet has not yet responded. [Wine Doctor]