Wine Distributor Pours Out Champagne with Strippers in Revenge

Joseph Eger, director of sales for Southern Wine & Spirits, has taken revenge on Laurent-Perrier after the Champagne company cut ties with them to join another distribution company. His revenge came in the form of snapshots that showed Eger dumping out two bottles of the Champagne while being fondled by a stripper at Manhattan’s Hustler Club, Page Six reports.

The woman who received the pictures, Laurent-Perrier’s New York state manager Sabine Latapie, posted a response on Facebook: “This behavior is precisely why we are terminating our relationship with Southern New York.” She further added that, “These are the men who line their pockets with YOUR money and laugh all the way to the bank” and that the pictures tell “a story of what happens when great wine falls into the hands of bad people.” [Page Six] [Photo:]