Wine Ice Cream Is Now a Thing

An almost century-old dairy in upstate New York is making all of our collective dreams (or horrors) come true by combining wine with ice cream.

According to The Telegraph, Mercer’s Dairy owner Roxiana Hurlburt was inspired by a food event in Washington where guests began adding Mercer’s Dairy ice cream to wine glasses from a neighboring booth, and took her time (nearly a decade to be exact) perfecting the formula, which was especially difficult as higher alcohol concentrations prevented the ice cream from freezing. Settling on five percent ABV, it then took a change in state law to make the concoction legal. But with that change now in place, Mercer’s is selling the signature dessert in eight flavors—from riesling to peach white zinfandel to cherry merlot—distributed to more than 15 countries. [The Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/m01229]