Wine Shots Are Served at LA Wine Raves

Urban mixer lead

Maxwell Leer and Adam Vourvoulis, two guys in the LA wine scene, want to give wine more street cred. Munchies reports on their recent Wine Rave, a glow-stick-adorned party where 98-point wines (scored on their own scale) were served as shots alongside a top-40 playlist.

An ideal target for Leer and Vourvoulis’ campaign—young, fun, a little put off by wine-speak—Munchies’ reporter showed up to the rave hosted at Honeycut (which, to the bar’s credit, parallels the aspirations of a wine rave nicely with its ambience falling somewhere “between a raucous party and an elegant cocktail bar”) with doubts. There she found inoffensive cocktails mixing rosé and tonic and the aforementioned Leer and Vourvoulis-rated wines served in shot glasses. An opportunity to pair wine with MDMA never presented itself, and the modestly attended event ultimately took the appearance of a neon-lit mixer. [Munchies] [Image: Flickr/Urban Mixer]