Winemaker Accused of Looting Archaeological Site

On today’s ridiculous news, The Telegraph reports that a French wine producer has been accused of illegally excavating historic sites to satisfy his lifelong aspirations as an archaeologist. Although the name of the looter has not been released, he is known as a well-off Champagne grower from eastern France. 

The suspect was charged after police stopped his car for a routine check and found 112 Gallo-Roman coins in the vehicle. Suspicions arose, and a thorough search of his house found a collection of artifacts worth nearly 100,000. “I thought it was legal,” he said, “I’m not a highway robber.” Prosecutors have charged him with a €197,000 fine, and his wife €5,000 for handling stolen items. [The Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Capture the Uncapaturable]