Winter Cocktails as Fluffy as Winter Snow

Coronet Brandy retro ad

Holiday cocktails mean brandy. And nutmeg. And heavy cream, waistlines be damned. All of those pieces (plus a little crème de cacao) equal one Brandy Alexander, and, according to Rosie Schaap at The New York Times, it’s a house cocktail deserving of revival.  Her recipe, alongside one for the odd British highball The Snowball is an antidote to the warm, spicy, serious cocktails appearing on cocktail menus everywhere. There’s something truly joyful, perhaps even a child-like, about drinking something as sweet and fluffy as the winter clouds heavy with snow.

And for another winter buoy, Charles Phan’s Brandy Lift has both the brandy and the fizz, and what’s more, the decadent halo of a soufflé. [NY Times] [Image: Flickr/alsis35]