Yellow Tail Owner Arrested in Australia

Yellow Tail wine bottle

This week, an Australian detective squad uncovered $15 million worth of drugs and made 14 arrests, among them the director of Casella Wines, aka Yellow Tail according to The Sydney Morning HeraldStrike Force Oceanic found two pallets of shotgun cartridges and 60kg of gunpowder on Marcello Casella’s property at the time of the raid. In court he’s been charged with participating in a criminal syndicate “that produced, distributed and sold commercial quantities of cannabis and methyl amphetamine” throughout the New South Wales region.

Marcello resigned his post, leaving his two brothers Joe and John to run Casella Wines. The three inherited the winery from their father Filippo Casella. Before his death, Filippo was accused of having killed his brother-in-law (who, it’s been speculated, was involved with the mob), but the accusations were proven to be blackmail attempts against the Casella estate. Yet, it raises concerns over the company Casella keeps.

John took over Casella Wines in 1994 and launched Yellow Tail in 2001. Its success in the United States (many thanks to Costco), was unprecedented. The Casellas sold 7.5 million cases of Yellow Tail in 2005. John seems to be moving the company forward despite his brother’s inditement: In the same issue of The Sydney Morning Herald is an article picturing John, wine in hand, as the new owner of Peter Lehmann Wines. [The Sydney Morning Herald] [Flickr: /quinn.anya]