You Smell Like a Distillery

All too often, our friends tell us we smell like booze.

Well, of course we do.

But from now on, it will be intentional. For all the lushes you know (ahem, right here), Into the Gloss picks a poison and then recommends a corresponding scent. Rum lovers, if you want to smell like a “tipsy pirate with a peg leg made of heritage-blended beeswax and gingersnaps,” your best bet is Malin + Goetz Dark Rum. If you’re going for a more Martini-heavy note, they endorse TokyoMilk Gin and Rosewater. But the holidays call for something bracing, in which case, we’re voting for Seth Kornegay Petra, a.k.a. whiskey and bitters on the rocks. [Into the Gloss]