You Can Now Buy a $168,000 Wine at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is rarely associated with luxury goods. But perhaps with aspirations to change that, Penfolds Block 42 Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon Ampoule is being offered at a select location (singular) in Freehold, NJ. According to Forbesthis $168,000 bottle of wine is one of 11 on earth, and a considerable contrast from most warehouse wine brands (and indeed, a stark contrast from any of the other wines offered at a Sam’s Club).

Block 42 is a highly coveted wine produced by Penfolds Winery from old vines, reputedly from the 1880s. Penfolds is most widely known from its Grange Hermitage, though the article takes care to point out that even the Grange Hermitage’s 1951 vintage doesn’t come close to the Ampoule’s sticker price.

“Ampoule” is a reference to the packaging. You cannot uncork this without Penfold’s professional help. (White glove service is included.) And really, there isn’t a cork or a bottle, but rather what looks like a futuristic vial of an hourglass balancing on a stiletto of platinum. Sam’s Club can also provide you with party platters sold separately. [Forbes] [Image: Flickr/walmartcoporate]