Remember the Alimony

According to Robert Simonson, this is one of the best of the modern sherry cocktails out there.


Calling on a full ounce of grenadine to complement the grapefruit juice and rye base, this drink is potent but surprisingly refreshing.


This rendition dates to 1914 and calls on a base of Old Tom gin.

Come Sta, La Luna

The subtle funk of cachaça connects the dots between bright citrus and warming cinnamon in this winterized Daiquiri riff.

Salty Duncan

A mix of two types of citrus, bianco vermouth, cane syrup, Suze and Luxardo Bitter Bianco served on the rocks with a salt rim.

Rosa di Roma

Lucinda Sterling’s Rosa di Roma channels citrus by way of both Luxardo Bitter Bianco and dry Curaçao.