This rendition dates to 1914 and calls on a base of Old Tom gin.

Come Sta, La Luna

The subtle funk of cachaça connects the dots between bright citrus and warming cinnamon in this winterized Daiquiri riff.

Salty Duncan

A mix of two types of citrus, bianco vermouth, cane syrup, Suze and Luxardo Bitter Bianco served on the rocks with a salt rim.

Rosa di Roma

Lucinda Sterling’s Rosa di Roma channels citrus by way of both Luxardo Bitter Bianco and dry Curaçao.


The trio of coffee liqueur, amaro and Luxardo Bitter Bianco in the Capputivo is delicate, but still revving.


Imagine a spritz with the sweet, sour, refreshing zip of a Pimm’s Cup and you have Keith Larry’s Dandelo.