Aaron Polsky’s Citrus Blend

Aaron Polsky, Harvard & Stone | Los Angeles

Los Angeles bartender Aaron Polsky developed this citrus stock formula, which uses peels, rather than whole husks, and does not require any cooking or added heat. He’s incorporated various iterations of the recipe into cocktails designed for Coachella and other large music festivals, as well as for kegged cocktails prepared for Harvard & Stone.

  • 60 grams citric acid
  • 940 milliliters water
  • 20 grams discarded lemon peels (see Editor's Note for lime version)

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender, then blend and strain, discarding the solids.
Editor's Note

To make a lime blend, reduce the citric acid to 40 grams, and add 20 grams of malic acid, plus 1/2 gram succinic acid to the base recipe.

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