Broken Bike

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Clyde Common | Portland, OR

Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Broken Bike is a riff on the Bicicletta, the Italian afternoon apéritivo that calls for Campari, white wine and sparkling water. This version swaps Campari for Cynar for a more savory, yet still refreshing—and very Italian—cocktail. Morgenthaler carbonates, dilutes and bottles his ahead of time for easy service at Clyde Common at Portland’s Ace Hotel.

Note: To bottle cocktails you’ll need a funnel, 187ml glass bottles, a crown capper and caps.



Yield: 1 1/2 quarts

  • 11 ounces Cynar
  • 15 ounces white wine, dry
  • 22 ounces filtered water
  • 2 small lemons, scrubbed and peeled in strips

  1. Combine Cynar, white wine and water in a large container.
  2. Express lemon peels into mixture (squeeze to release oils) and discard. Cover and chill overnight.
  3. Carbonate according to equipment instructions (i.e. SodaStream, Thermowhip, etc. See Editor's Note).
  4. Funnel cocktail into each bottle. (To lose fewer bubbles, trim a length of plastic tubing to the height of your bottles and affix it to your funnel.)
  5. Cap immediately, and return to the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  6. These will keep for at least a week and up to two.
Editor's Note

If you’re using a Thermo Whip, fill liquid to within two inches of the top of the canister, then charge with CO2 twice, shaking in between each charge. With a tea towel covering the nozzle and using the handle, slowly let the remaining CO2 out of the canister. Unscrew top and proceed. Always taste test cocktail before bottling to make sure dilution and ingredient ratios taste balanced.