Winter Paloma

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The Mexican classic, the Paloma—essentially the love child of a Greyhound and Margarita—gets dressed up in a winter coat, courtesy the addition of sage. The hardy winter herb cameos in the traditional formula by way of grapefruit-sage syrup and fresh sage leaves, turning the summer classic into the kind of cocktail that feels right at home beside the fire.


Serving: 1

  • 2 parts Hornitos® Plata Tequila
  • 1 part grapefruit-sage syrup (See Editor's Note)
  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • 3 dashes grapefruit bitters
  • 1 part soda, to top
  • 20 sage leaves (plus sprig of sage for garnish)

Garnish: sprig of sage

  1. Add all ingredients, except soda water and sage leaves, to a shaking tin.
  2. Add ice, and shake until chilled.
  3. Strain over ice into a Collins glass.
  4. Top with soda and garnish with a sprig of fresh sage.
Editor's Note

Grapefruit-Sage Syrup:
1 cup fresh grapefruit juice
1 cup sugar
20 sage leaves

In a sauce pan over low heat, add fresh grapefruit juice to sugar and sage leaves, torn into small pieces. Heat until the sugar is dissolved, about 5 minutes, and let cool. Strain out the sage leaves, bottle and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.

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