Absinthe Spoon

(n.) Used in the ritual of preparing absinthe, this perforated spoon sits atop a glass of absinthe to hold a sugar cube so that ice-cold water can be poured over…

death in the afternoon cocktail recipe

Death in the Afternoon

The title of Hemingway’s 1932 novel Death in the Afternoon is both a direct reference to the gruesome finale of Spanish bullfights, and a more oblique one about his mediations…



(n.) An anise-flavored liqueur developed by Pernod as a replacement for absinthe, which was banned in France in 1919 for its supposed hallucinogenic properties. The formula for pastis borrows many…

sazerac cocktail


At first glance, this cocktail looks like a twist on the Old Fashioned with a splash of absinthe and specialty bitters, but the backstory is a bit more complicated.

attention cocktail recipe


Thanks to the resurgence of absinthe and crème de violette, this lost classic is finding its way back into the barman's repertoire.